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Rolen Cornelius was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and was born again as a small child in his Christian home.  He was called by the Lord to the mission field as a teenager while attending a Christian camp in Georgia.  He attended Bob Jones University, graduating in 1955.  While at B.J.U., he met me, Arlene Bush. I was born in Danville, Illinois.  I was saved at the age of eight years at a Vacation Bible School closing program, and was also called to missionary service at a Christian camp in Illinois.  I graduated from B.J.U. in 1957.

The Lord led my fiancé, Rolen, to take radio courses while he was a student at BJU even though he didn't know how he would use them.  After he graduated, the Lord led me to work at radio station WMUU while finishing my school-work. Through that experience He gave me a burden for missionary radio.  At the same time, in the New York candidate school for SIM, the Lord spoke to Rolen about serving Him at Radio ELWA.  We wrote each other about how the Lord was leading us and our letters crossed in the mail, confirming to us His will.  We were married on the mission field at Radio Station ELWA in Liberia, West Africa, where we joyfully served the Lord in the radio ministry for 16 years.  All four of our children were born in Africa: Becky, Randy, Tony, and Jonathan.

In 1972 our family left Africa and the mission with which we had been affiliated because of the compromising situation which had developed.  We were led by the Lord to help establish the CARIBBEAN RADIO LIGHTHOUSE on the island of Antigua, which went on the air in 1975.  Rolen was the director of the “Lighthouse,” a fundamental ministry, dedicated to presenting the Word of God without compromise.  Many young people and adults are still actively involved in a Bible Correspondence course through the follow-up ministry there.

In 1985, AVIATION RADIO MISSIONARY SERVICE (ARMS) asked us to prayerfully consider helping them to establish a new radio ministry on the island of Grenada in the southern Caribbean.  In early 1986 we went on a fact-finding trip to Grenada to talk with the government and investigate possible sites for the radio station.  We found the officials very friendly and helpful.  At that time the Lord clearly showed us that the station should be built, not on the main island of Grenada, but on the small island of Carriacou, part of the tri-island state of Grenada.  After much prayer, we left the “Lighthouse” in Antigua in 1986 to work toward establishing this new opportunity in the Windward Islands.  We began construction of the Harbour Light of the Windwards in 1990 on the island of Carriacou and went on the air in December 1991, reaching all of the Windward Islands, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and along the coast of South America.

Rolen went Home to be with the Lord in 1997.  I continue to live in Carriacou, Grenada, serving my Lord at the Harbour Light in whatever way needed.  My main ministry is the planning and production of children’s radio programs.  I also team-teach the ladies’ Sunday School class at church and have a weekly children’s Bible Club at my home.

The devil has fought the ministry of the Harbour Light every inch of the way, and he hasn’t given up!  But the Lord has given wonderful victory at every turn, and we continue to rely on Him each step of the way.  Listeners write and call daily, expressing their gratitude for a faithful fundamental radio station that God is using to bless their lives.  

Arlene Cornelius

Rolen & Arlene Cornelius

This picture was taken on 6 February, 1997, the day before Rolen went to be with the Lord

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