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Harbour Light of the Windwards
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Harbour Light streaming options

We have launched two new streaming options seen above as DVR/Live Stream & Live Stream.

Both of them are multi-platform Flash players which we trust will work well for you.  

*The DVR/Live Stream is unique in that you are able to “rewind” to an earlier portion of the day’s broadcasting and listen to programming that has already passed live.  Just drag the slider bar to the left to access earlier content.  

*The Live Stream is just that - a live stream from our studio here in at Tarleton Point, Carriacou!


TuneIn   (works well with iPads and android devices - just install the app!)

The links below are public radio station sites that independently pick up and forward our stream.  
Be very careful on these sites.  There is little there worth listening to!


***Install thisplugin to enable Windows Media Player to stream PLS media files


MP3 Flash Player

If you need more help, please let us know.

Email: harbourlight at spiceisle.com


Windows Media  or copy & paste the link below directly into your media player.